• No Heinz 57 Sauce here! We source all the AMERICAN MADE
    local pool chemicals we can find and we keep them stocked!

    The prices we pay fluctuate throughout the year. At times we could source and stock different products with lower prices but our quality control would suffer.

    We are NSF CPO certified and trained to handle all of your pool chemical needs. We use the best quality, American made chemicals to insure that everything we put in your pool is safe for your family. Our team has years of experience handling the chemicals needed to keep your residential or commercial pool and spa looking amazing.

  • Balanced water levels

    Free chlorine (ppm)12-410
    Combined chlorine (ppm)000.2
    Total bromine (ppm)24-610
    Total alkalinity (ppm)6080-100180
    Calcium hardness (ppm)150200-400500-1000
    Cyanuric Acid (ppm)1030-50150
    Total dissolved solids (ppm)n/an/aInitial TDS +1500

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