• Never wonder if your pool person showed up again!

    Our team at Hall Pool Supply communicates with you every step of the way! You never have to wonder if the pool technician showed up or question what they did to your pool. We provide our customers with weekly service notifications that details out when we arrived, a chemical report, treatment administered, recommendations and when we left.

  • Pool cleaning

    We offer the best certified pool and spa operator service in Kern County. It might sound like we're boasting, we're just incredibly confident in the quality we provide. Every service we offer is completed with integrity and honesty because we value the trust of our customers.

    The chemical balance of pool water cannot be maintained by adding pool chemicals sporadically. It requires regular testing and chemical adjustments in order to keep your pool in great condition. We know you're busy, and that's why we take care of everything for you.

    • Regular brushing and vacuuming
    • Filter cleaning
    • Replace filtration medium when needed
    • Chemical balancing
    • Regular water testing

    We created our service packages to make the care and upkeep of your pool affordable and effortless. We accommodate any service you need and we never try to force unnecessary services on you. Our maintenance service will consist of everything your pool needs to consistently remain the beautiful oasis that you want to come home to.

    If you maintain your own pool, come see the American made products we use to keep the pools that we service looking great. We are always available to offer friendly and helpful advice, regardless if you buy from us or not.

  • Our services and service plans

    ServiceChem OnlyFull Service
    Full Report Sent after every visitYesYes
    Vacuuming the pool when neededNoYes
    Cleaning tilesNoYes
    Brushing pool surfacesNoYes
    Skimming the water surfaceNoYes
    Emptying the skimmer and pump basketsNoYes
    Checking the systemNoYes
    Maintain balancing water chemistryYesYes
    Backwashing filterNoYes
    Clean and check automatic pool cleanersNoYes
  • Filter cleaning

     If your filter needs cleaning call us or schedule an onsite appointment here.

    This is a great post on filters from Trouble Free Pool Forums.

    The pool filter is a key component in keeping your pool looking great. It requires occasional cleaning in order to work at full capacity and insure proper equipment performance and water cleanliness. This article will discuss why maintenance cleaning is a good idea, then tell you how to clean each of the 3 types of filters: cartridge (or cart), sand and both types of the Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters.

    When your filter was new the water could easily pass through it - the pounds of pressure per square inch (psi) shown on the filter's pressure gauge probably reads somewhere around 8 to 25 psi, depending on your pool and plumbing set up. As the filter is used the debris in the water accumulates in the filter and it becomes clogged and the pressure rises. When the pressure rises up to 25% of your starting pressure, it's time to clean the filters. Clogged filters result in cloudy water, poor circulation and excessive wear on pool equipment.

    The length of time between backwashings / cleaning the filter varies, depending on the relative size of the filter and the pool. Some filters need to be cleaned weekly while others can go an entire season without needing a cleaning. It is always a good idea to clean the filter at least once a year, even if the pressure doesn't go up. Read more at http://www.troublefreepool.com 

    With a clean and maintained pool filter you will:

    • Lower your electric bill - this alone could pay for a swimming pool filter cleaning.
    • Have healthier pool water - 10-20lbs of dirt will no longer be in the circulatory system, and it decreases the risk of algae outbreaks.
    • Prolong the pool filters life - less stress on the internals means less repairs.
    • Prolong the life of the filter pump motor - less resistance from the filter means less stress on the motor.