• Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Finally Make Sense?

    May 3, 2013
  • Robotic Pool Cleaners

    Robotic Pool Cleaners are improved and automated suction cleaners and the future of pool cleaning. Those cleaners brush, scrub and vacuum your pool floor and walls. They are pretty much the best way to clean your pool. More and more people are leaning towards buying one of those. They are convenientand have amazing results. All you have to do is to plug in your robotic cleaner into an outlet (must be GFCI protected), put it into the pool and let it do the cleaning for you by turning it on. You are probably getting scared that the cleaner is keeping everything and after a few runs you have to buy a new one. No, that is not the case. Each robotic cleaner has a basket which collects all the dirt and debris. It varies from cleaner to cleaner whether it has a mesh bag or a cartridge. After placing the robotic cleaner in the pool and turning it on, the built motor goes on and it drives around the floor cleaning it. As soon as it touches a wall it knows what to do – climb it. Same thing goes for stairs. There are even some robotic cleaners which are able to brush the tile line, too. The good thing about automatic robotic pool cleaners is that they have their own filtration system. Meaning that you won’t have to attach to your pool’s filtration system. An advantage is that you save money. Let me tell you how much. First of all, you do not need to buy a separate pump for the pool cleaner and second no need to use your pool’s pump for the cleaner. Therefore you save money twice. I think that you get the whole thing that it cleans your pool and all the dirt stays within the robotic cleaner. Since it has its own pump it does not mess up your pool’s filtration system and pump in any way. However let me tell you about our favorite feature robotic pool cleaners have – a microchip. Themicrochip studies your pool while cleaning every single time and saves its size and shape. As a result it starts to clean your pool more and more efficient with time. It is recommended not to lend it to anybody because it forgets your pool then – just kidding! Sharing is caring!