• Frequently asked questions

    Listed below are a few commonly asked questions from customers about our family business, our services and general pool questions.

    • Do You Offer Pool Service?

      Yes. Our services include Chem Only, Full Service, Robotic Cleaning Service, Pond and Fountain Service. For prices please call or fill out our service request form TO THE RIGHT OF THIS PAGE and we will contact you. Store# - 661 641-4013

    • Why Must My Card Be Put On Auto Pay For Pool Service.

      We appreciate the question and understand some people have a problem with this and we understand that we may even loose out on a new customer for this very reason. Believe us, we have had several family discussions around this topic. We always end up at the same place after the calculator comes out. We can offer paper billing if we hired the staff to bill monthly, verify payment, make collection calls and so on. Auto Pay allows us to service more community members at the best rate. We hope you understand and we know after a few visits our professionalism, quality of service and genuine friendliness will win you over :)

    • Do You Fix Pool Cleaners?

      Yes. Bring it in and we will label it, take your description of what it is doing and or not doing. We will tear your cleaner down, diagnose and call with the exact amount it will cost to fix it.
      We fix Hayward, Zodiac, The Pool Cleaner, Pentair, and many other manufactures products including Robotic Cleaners. Bottom line, if it cleans your pool and still has parts available we can probably fix it.

    • What Repairs Do You Do

      We repair or can upgrade pretty much everything that is attached to your pool above and in some cases below the water. This includes all...

      • Pool / Fountain / SPA / Pond Pumps
      • Filters All Brands Where Parts Are Available
      • Chlorinators / Salt / Mechanical Feed / TAB Feed
      • UV Systems
      • Automatic Pool Cleaners / Suction / Pressure / Robotic
      • Lights / Pool / Pond / Fountain
      • White Goods & Fittings
      • Minor Skimmer Leak Repair
      • Automation Systems / Actuator Valves / Electronics
      • Above Ground Plumbing Leak Repair / Line Clean Outs
      • And much more.. Give Us A Call Or Submit An Appointment Request here.
    • Do You Sell Used Pool Equipment?

      Yes. Come take a look in our store. We carry several pre owned filters, pumps, cleaners and various replacement parts at all times. We call these items HPS Certified Pre Owned. This means we have gone over every piece and replaced and or repaired anything that needed it including o-rings and valves. We offer a limited warranty to ensure working condition in the elements. Currently we have several name brand filters under $350.00 as well as pool cleaners and nice pumps.

    • What Is Your Return Policy?

      Hopefully we will do a great job determining what you need and you will never need to deal with this but.. in case it happens : )
      RETURN POLICY: No unsealed chemicals can be returned. All SEALED and UN OPENED chemicals can be returned within 3 days after purchase. All other un-opened store goods can be returned with receipt within 15 days. All opened and or used merchandise can be returned with a 15% restocking fee. No returns on items sold 15 days or later. Thank you for your understanding and blah blah blah...of course we make many exceptions as a family business and if we know you and you shop here, well you can just about get away with murder here when it comes to returns and fees on our discretion : )

    • More To Come...
    • Does your web site have a shopping cart?

      No, not at the moment. Very soon though. Our inventory system will reflect current in store pricing and correct quantities. You will be able to "pick up in store" on select items and that list will continue to build as we refine our product offerings.