• Here's what our clients are saying:
  • Absolutely perfect. service, I have come to trust this family. Also seems they save me money every time I call them for a repair, could not be happier.

    Rating: Neil S**********

  • Hard to find great pool service in Bakersfield it seems, look no further these people are the real deal and their store is very very cool!

    Rating: Peter K*******

  • What an incredible experience visiting this store. Its like going back in time when customer service was real and greetings were not scripted corporate policy. Great that the whole family works there, quite a site to see. I love it there!

    Rating: Dee J***********

  • Love the Robotic Cleaner! It climbs the stairs and the the love seats, very happy with your recommendation and our purchase!

    Rating: Tom En******

  • We had always wondered what our pool guy was doing and sometimes if he was showing up at all. Not any more, thank you Hall's!

    Rating: Cindy Th*******

  • Before I visited Hall Pool Supply I dreaded going to the pool store! I always felt ignorant when I left the other place. I was so pleased with this families service and advice that made sense at my level, I love shopping there, thank you!

    Rating: Samantha G******

  • Thank you Hall family for opening here, we really needed a pool store in our area! Your service and sincerity is refreshing! Reminds me of the family stores my parents would take me to growing up. We love visiting you all, thank you again!

    Rating: Victor **********

  • We made the decision of purchasing our variable speed pump from their pool store. We did not know exactly what type, speed etc.. They explained everything where it made sense. We ended up with an 80% energy saver that cost much less than we expected. We saw a difference with our PG&E bill right away and it's so quiet! Very Happy

    Rating: Shannon C*********

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