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Mobile... Our HASA Refillable Liquid Chlorine and Acid Delivery Route Is Operational! If  You Have Empty Cases Request A Refill Below. Mobile Pool Truck Shopping and Booking Software is 90% Complete. 

The Orange button below will take you to our new customer portal. You can request a Chlorine or Acid Refill, Weekly Pool Service or a Service Call For Repairs.

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Sweat Equity!

This is our family's livelihood as well as an environment we created to teach our and demonstrate the importance of serving, trustworthiness & hard work within your community. Come in and meet us.

We Are Fun!

We know pool care can be frustrating at times. We aim to create a genuine experience that puts you at ease and improves your understanding while putting a real smile on your face.


We service what we sell and we service what you have. Same American Made products and chemicals we sell in the store we use on our trucks!. Our service routes and repair keeps us current!

Become a Partner get immediate access to our Pool Tools & Loyalty Membership… 

Example of the video training guides immediately available and updated weekly. There is pool calculators, dosage charts to help you included in your membership. Below is Video Guide #9 "How To Pick An Automatic Pool Cleaner For Your Pool." 

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"Takes the time to remember you."

Family owned. Takes the time to remember you. Great service too.

"I will never go anywhere else again..."

Best place by far for my pool needs and questions, friendly staff, family owned and operated, never pushy and never tries to up-sale like some other pool supply chains. Without a doubt, I will never go anywhere else again for my pool chemicals and accessories.

"We receive a weekly report by email..."

We had a really hard time finding a good, honest pool service in Bakersfield. Hall has been amazing. They show up when they say they will and do what they say they will. We receive a weekly report by email, telling us what the chemical values were when the technician showed up, what chemicals were added, and what services were performed. The tech even text messages me before he heads over, so my skittish dog can still spend most of her day outside, even on pool day. We are extremely pleased with the level of service and the wholesome family values of Hall Pool Supply.

"They are small, local, and will treat you like family."

Went in for my first time yesterday. They were incredibly nice and helpful. I'll be back.

After speaking with the owner, I drastically adjusted my pool chemical/cleaning habits. Things are running MUCH better and my pool is crystal clear. Before, I was just constantly battling my pool. I'm still learning, but with Hall on my side, I should be able to get in a good routine. Go to Hall. They are small, local, and will treat you like family. Most importantly, they know what they are doing.

"Do yourself a favor and forget about stores like...."

This is my new go-to pool supply store. These guys are great. They're knowledgeable, very friendly and their prices are fair. This is a family run business which is the kind of business I like to support. Do yourself a favor and forget about stores like Leslie's and give these guys a shot at your business.

"staff are knowledgeable and super friendly."

Great family owned business. The owners and staff are knowledgeable and super friendly. It's nice to have a family owned pool supply on this side of town.

"Will forever be my go to pool store."

"like family no doubt about it."

True Family business and if you walk in as a customer here you will leave like family no doubt about it. The Hall's Know Business -one-stop shop

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Chance Goble Machinist
Brendan A. Contractor
James F.
Ed C.
Cynthia H
Alyssa Black
De Bo
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Can you let us know what keeps you coming back and or one thing that would compel you to visit again?

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