Are These Cartridges Good?

Filtration Is 95% Of The Pool Staying Clean. No Matter If You Kick Or Scream, They Need Cleaning & Changing Regularly.

This is one bit of knowledge every pool service and store client must know!  When we have to bear the bad news that our customers filters, sand and or grids need replacing we often hear;"They look good to me, I clean them regularly and have done so for the last five years." And then I say something like; Excuse me, did you just say FIVE years?

How Long Do Filters, Grids & Sand Really Last? Well here is the skinny as well as links to multiple research sites and differing professional opinions.  Please check out the links. Bottom line the list below is pretty accurate assuming you soaked the elements at least once per year to open up the clogged micron holes, fabric and sand.

  • Cartridges 3 Years Max
  • Grids 3 Years Max
  • Sand 5 Years Max

Conclusion. Check Them If Uncertain. Watch & Time The Pressure Increase. Soak them once next cleaning cycle if you can not remember doing ever doing it. If the pressure builds much faster than you once remembered Next filters make sure you clean often and then soak them minimum once per year. If the pool is not staying clear as it used too and you really cant remember how old then I would change them. You will spend two to three times the amount on chemicals and saving the frustration of the pool going green etc is worth it!

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