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Are These Cartridges Good?
Filtration Is 95% Of The Pool Staying Clean. No Matter If You Kick Or Scream, They Need Cleaning & Changing[...]
Total Alkalinity Overview
Total Alkalinity Is The Referee For The Pool Water!Too High It Forms Scale, Clouds Water, Clogs Filters, Stains Surface.*ALSO, REMEMBER[...]
How To Pick A Pool Cleaner
This 4 Min Video Will Do The Trick
pH (The Power of Hydrogen)
pH Bottom Line – Its Your $ We Are Talking About If your pH is too high or too low you[...]
Why Can’t You Just Float TABS & Nothing Else?
TABS contain cyanuric acid. TABS are designed to raise your Total Chlorine to proper levels in direct sun light as[...]
When To Drain Your Pool Water
Five years is the general time frame before your Total Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids or Stabilizer (AKA Cyanuric Acid) reaches[...]
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