Dosage Charts

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Quick Glance Weekly Chems @ 10,000 Gallons
Shock To 30 PPM Using: Cal Hypo "Standard White Shock Bags  1 lb Ea"
HASA Sani Chlor (Liquid Chlorine) Increase To 3 PPM
Decrease Total Alkalinity Using: Muriatic Acid
Increase Total Alkalinity Using: Alkalinity Up/Bicarb
Decrease pH Using: Muriatic Acid
Increase pH Using: pH Up / Soda Ash
Increase Stabilizer To 50 PPM / Drain If Above 80 PPM: Using Clor Save / CYA Increaser
Increase Total Hardness Using: Calcium Elevator / Drain If Above 400 PPM
Remove Phosphates To Below 200 PPB
Increase Salt PPM To Manufactures Specifications: Click Image To Zoom
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