On-Site Service & Repair

Pool Equipment Troubles?

We repair pumps, filters, automatic cleaners and anything related to your swimming pool needs - not including the physical pool structure. We also have service trucks and uniformed technicians in the field ready to arrive onsite to troubleshoot and repair any issue you may have with residential o commercial equipment. We provide repair and weekly pool service on
Mon | Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri | 9am - 5pm

Reports Emailed After Every Visit!

  1. Pump repairs
  2. Filter repairs
  3. Salt Chlorinator / Ozone & UV repairs
  4. Clogged suction line clean out
  5. Heater repairs and replacements
  6. Automatic pool cleaners - repairs 
  7. Automatic control systems and timers
  8. Pool & deck painting
  9. Clogged suction line clean out
  10. General troubleshooting
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