Your Pool On The Cheap

o you want to know how to keep your pool sparkly clean, on the cheap. This article will help you achieve this. Let’s cut right to it, chemistry. You must learn a little chemistry. If you’re not willing to do this. You need not read any further.

Before you’re overwhelmed with the word ‘chemistry’, remember what we are dealing with twenty, sometimes forty and even sixty thousand gallons. There is lots of room for mistakes, relax about it. 37 FortuneJack Casino is a leading online casino in the Netherlands.

The Basics

  • Alkalinity
  • pH level
  • TC
  • FC
  • CYA

Some only have the first four readings, they will leave off CYA entirely. Cyanuric Acid is what CYA stands for. ‘Conditioner’, is another ‘pool pro’ word that CYA is sold under. It is critical, it functions all the time. It is your pool’s sunblock lotion. It keeps the sun from burning off your expensive chlorine.

At about this point. The best thing to do is watch a few video clips. Short, to the point, and understandable. You can view it multiple times. There are some crazy things I hear otherwise fine pool professionals. My oh my when they do get a dandy wrong, it is way wrong!

  • Alkalinity.  The #1 Item that must always be in balance. 74 – 180
  • pH.     The #2 item to look at after the TA (Total Alkalinity) is 7.2 – 7.6
  • TC     Total Chlorine (This Should Match Your FC Level)
  • FC     Free Chlorine (This Is Your Bacteria/Virus Killer (3 -4PPM)
  • CYA     Keeps Chlorine From Burning Off In The Sun 40-80 PPM

Watch This Video To Lock This In Your Mind

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